Preparation For Theatre If Needed

Preparation For General Anaesthetic And Surgery If It Is Needed.

Anaesthetics carried out for the surgery I perform, are done paediatric anaesthetists i.e. consultant anaesthetist who have experience to look after even premature babies. These expert anaesthetists in their regular practice,can even at times have to give anaesthetics to babies who are less than 30 weeks old for example. This experience dealing with babies at the extremes of life, means they have a very high level of skill. Absolute attention is applied to every child, with full monitoring throughout procedures.

Eating And Drinking

Children should have no food for six hours before surgery. They can drink water or dilute juice until two hours before surgery. The reason for this is to avoid vomiting at the time of the beginning of the general anaesthetic. At this time children do not protect their own airway themselves and so there would be a risk of any vomit that happened being breathed in and going down into the lungs. By avoiding eating and drinking prior to the surgery as above the risk of this happening due to food and drink is avoided.

It is important that although the restrictions on eating food and drinking are followed, and that regular medicines which a child may be on are taken i.e. please do give your children any regular medication they are taking uninterrupted leading up to the surgery.
In recovery children often crying as they are confused by all that’s happened, often once on ward they have a sleep and then are more settled. Children can often go home the same day depending on the surgery needed.

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